Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do You Eat with that Mouth?

I have a confession or disclaimer of sorts. It involves my last post and my ever-so-bold use of the word "cock".

I can be bold at times and I consider myself to be quite sexually uninhibited. However, I do have issues with "talking dirty" in the midst of intimate moments. I can't do it. Oh, I know what I could and should say and I love hearing it, but getting the words out of my mouth is a whole other matter.

So yes, I can write the word cock over and over, and I could write you a story that would make some of you blush, some of you warm and tingly, and some of you frown upon me. However, when the time comes to whisper it in that special someone's ear, I become that shy little school girl.

I guess that's why I enjoy writing. I can remove my filter and just let it pour out.

This is me.

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