Monday, October 27, 2008

Crimson Pride, Cherry Balm, Dream Cream....Oh My!

I needed a distraction this weekend, so a friend and I took a road trip to Barrie for the night.

We attended Yuk Yuks and as a result of it, I will never look at my lipstick the same again. There were all female comediennes. I love that! Anyways, one of the comediennes was describing the colour of lipstick as being "cock pink". That's when it occurred to me. My freakin' lipstick is cock pink. It says mocha pink on the tube but now I know better. Putting it on my lips has a whole new meaning for me.

I'd love to go to the cosmetic counter and ask the esthetician if they have some lipstick in the shade of cock. Try that one on for size Crayola.

I also saw a band called the Orange Man. They absolutely rock and have got to be one of the best bar bands I have ever seen! Check them out by clicking here!

They often play in the Barrie and Mississauga area, so if you have the opportunity, go see them!! I think they're going to "make it" some day. They are that good. I plan to stalk them on occasion.

It was a good weekend and I was somewhat distracted from my busy thoughts, but I don't think this grey weather helps all that much.

Be well.

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