Sunday, January 4, 2009


Every so often, I receive emails from people/friends who read this blog offering me words of encouragement or simply to let me know that I am not the only one who feels as I do.

I worry sometimes that I make myself sound a little worse/insane/unhappier than I actually am. I use this blog as a place to dump the crappy stuff and seldom do I share the good stuff.

Just know that the crappy and negative stuff that I purge here is only a part of my life. My struggles do not consume me by any means.

Lately I have not been feeling healthy. I have problems with a sore neck way too often and this leads to headaches and backaches.

I've decided that it is time to try and do something about it and get healthy. I used to enjoy running and I plan to start taking this up again. I'm excited to take my new MP3 playing for a run.

Now that the holidays are over, I'd also like to loose that last bit of weight I've been carrying. Loosing weight has always been easy for me when I actually set my mind to it. However, I do suspect that one day, since I'm getting older and can actually see the big 40 in my future, the weight will not come off quite as easily. All the more reason to do something about it now.

I'm not going on a diet per se but just plan to eat well and clean up my body by eating natural food rather than the processed crap that I've been gorging on during the holidays. I'm hoping I can loose 15 pounds or so simply by eating well and exercising.

Wish me luck!

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