Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't Ask Me

There was a time that I used to love to provide advice. I always knew what was best and I conducted myself in what I thought was the "right" way. I thought I was a moral compass. Ugh, how arrogant this thinking is to me now.

Now, I don't have much advice to give, let alone the desire to give it. This is both good and bad.

It is good because this means that I am not nearly as judgemental as I was once. We all fuck up and make mistakes and this is okay. If you can make a mistake yet take something away from it, all is not lost and some insight has been gained.

I don't offer advice or cast judgements because I don't feel that I am in a position to do so. In fact, I've yet to meet anyone who is in the position to cast their judgment on someone else. We are all living in glass houses and living our own realities. We do not walk in each others shoes so how can we possibly understand decisions that are made by another.

The downside of my not wanting to provide advice is that I also feel like I am a fuck up and not worthy of advising anyone else. It just feels wrong to tell someone to do things the socially acceptable way when I sometimes do not follow "acceptable" ways myself.

If someone you know is doing something wrong in your eyes, it is quite likely that this someone already knows it is wrong. They don't need to hear it from you. Let's face it, barring mental or social limitations, we all know what is right and wrong. We choose between the two constantly.

I no longer concern myself with what others do since my own inventory is the only one that truly affects me.

Your turn to fuck up shall come.

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