Monday, November 1, 2010

20 Things about Me - Still a work in progress

It has been three years since I started this blog and one to one and half years since I have posted regularly.  I thought the first thing I should do is update my "Things About Me" post since I have grown.  I still can't figure myself out but I do know that I have changed.  Some things never change and some do.
1. I have this appreciation for raw/real people who don't really give a sh*t about what others think. To clarify, I'm not talking about people who have no regard for others but those people who are comfortable with themselves and can admit to both their positive and negative attributes. Keep it real baby!

2. I love to read and have been known to become engrossed in a a few shampoo bottles in my day.... (ah yes, bathroom reading at its best)

3. I have a crush on Rosie O'Donnell & get really annoyed when people insult her appearance or views. See #1 and #6 for some understanding.

4. Men who "notice" me now but didn't seem to "notice" me 20 lbs ago are a HUGE annoyance to me. I am still HOT regardless of my weight.

5. Being a great mom is one of my proudest accomplishments.

6. I could not see myself having an intimate relationship with another woman, but I am sexually attracted to some women and will act on it if the opportunity presents itself.

7. I may forgive but I never forget.

8. If you tell me I can't do something, I will likely do it in spite of you.

9. I'm leery that #6 was too revealing.

10. I think I feel lonely more often than I should.

11. My favourite feature on myself is my eyes. True green eyes aren't all that common....

12. My life as a blonde has been more fun.

13. My favourite "pet" name was "Kitten".

14. I've been IN LOVE 3 times in my life.

15. But none of these loves will ever live up to what I feel for my daughter....

16. I think about my mother every day.

17. Just typing that brought me to tears. I'm getting emotional in my older years.

18. I'm not surprised at how easy it was to come up with twenty things about me. I'm vain.

19. I’m a feminist. My feminism is about letting women decide for themselves.  I still like it when a man opens the door for me.

20. I have an irrational fear of bees. Oh yes, I've been stung a couple times and I know it hurts, but I've given birth! Albeit, it was a cesarean birth but it still hurt! Whenever a bee comes within my space, I panic. Oh yes, I do try to hide this bee-anxiety but the need to run overcomes me every time. Nipple clamps, now they would hurt too, but I wouldn't freak out and run if I saw them. 


  1. i've asked my niece this, but she refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of my question. maybe you, feared of bees, might be able to help?
    what is the proper response to a bee up in the skirt? (perhaps my niece is embarrassed it is her uncle asking this question?) my response has been to flip my skirt up as high as i can and run. i don't do the screeching part when others are around.
    is there a better way to handle this terrifying situation?

  2. Dude, your niece needs to understand that there is nothing more serious than a skirt and bee day question. I think the answer totally depends on whether you are wearing a pencil skirt or the long flowy kind. If you are wearing a pencil skirt, you are fucked because you can't flip them. Try flailing your arms around and then run instead.

    I only make the screeching sound in my head when others are around.

  3. oh the long flowy kind. the movement of calf length fabric is more of an attraction than messing with the stereotypes is. not to mention the rude old men who think anything above the knee is an invitation. like i was wearing the skirt for them or something. (yeah, a couple of bad golf outings.)
    but i always kind of worried about that one kid at the park who might be permanently scarred from the sight of me scurrying by, skirt all akimbo, freaked out about a bee that probably isn't even there anymore. i am starting to think that if i am at least yelling "bee...bee", the kid might have at least a partial explanation. too much surrealism can have unintended consequences.

  4. Perhaps the "rude" old men found your hairy legs and man calves attractive. You did refer to yourself as an uncle earlier. I'd likely stare at you with a little smile too. I might even give you a little wink.

    I don't worry about explaining things to other people's children. A child's mind is a terrible thing not to fuck with.

  5. aha, the vanity in me appreciates your suggestion, but the old men were offending even my golfing partners. (i'd be the last to suggest my taste in skirts is in any way flattering. i'm about comfort and the aforementioned sur reality.) skirts began as a way to bend rules in a school with a strict dress code (what fun!). they remain in the closet for those summer days when i feel like i've taken enough of every one else's banality to fight back and shake 'em out of their boring ruts. (their ruts that are boring ME,. fah with how they feel about it themselves.) grab them by their prejudices and give 'em a little rattle.
    yes. a simple wink or smile is enough. then i'd simply touch the brim of my hat and give the "downward nod of acknowledgement". instead of reminding the rest of the group we still had 14 holes to play and then offering them beers to get them refocused on the game. you'd have saved me most of my beer for certain.
    you endorse exposing children to the surreal? may your daughter grow up interesting, too