Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Knew His Offer was Way Too Low

I have an amusing story to tell.

I was once offered $80 to have sex with someone that I had never met.

I was a little insulted by this offer and thought I was surely worth a three-digit number at the very least!!!

In my defense, this ummmm...person/slug didn't know me and has never seen me. He was just some internet schmuck who randomly sends out messages to women. Surely, if he had met me, his offer would have been much better.... I know, my modesty is underwhelming.

After completing the following quiz, I feel redeemed. Now this quiz is accurate and all knowing. Just as I suspected, I'm worth the price of a discounted high-priced call girl!! In fact, I'm worth MORE in bed than the average ($232.19) person taking this quiz!

You got that? If you want a piece of me, the going rate is $1,148 per hour. Tips (15-20%) are also appreciated and expected.

How much are you worth?

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